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About Earthware

We are passionate about what we do and know doing this one small thing, can put a huge dent in improving the future for generations to come.


Earthware is offering Calgarians the opportunity to affect real change by using a return-for-reuse zero waste takeout container program. Businesses are embracing the opportunity to reduce the over 60 million takeout containers, plastic and most compostable, that will end up in the landfill this year.


The City of Calgary Waste and Recycle department is excited to see this kind of program come to our city. Like almost all other cities in North America, we have a 21 day window for compost to breakdown food containers. Unfortunately it’s not long enough. 


That’s why the reusable container solution is the best option for reducing waste with the increasing use of takeout containers.

Why We Do What We Do

Our Goal

Stop 1,000,000 single-use containers from going into our landfills by 2023.

Our Mission

Offer a superior solution that eliminates the need to use single-use containers.


A solution that is easy to implement for restaurants, provides a solid, beautiful container to showcase their amazing food.

We want to provide Calgarians a takeout container option that is easy to use and return so they can enjoy their food with a light heart.

Our Vision

Meet the Founder!

John MacInnes' inspiration to create Earthware was ignited by love and hate.

Love of amazing food and love of the city he lives in. Love for his family and wanting to leave the earth a better place to live for them. But he hates how the takeout container manufacturers' recycling and composting misinformation is creating confusion for food lovers like him. “It’s frustrating to see restaurant owners wanting to do the right thing using so-called environmentally friendly containers. They are paying a premium for containers that don’t break down in our waste & recycling systems and mostly end up in landfills or as garbage on our streets. We are offering a solution to eliminate harmful single-use containers (SUC) and we encourage Calgarians to reward restaurants who are doing their part offering this solution, by choosing them for their next takeout order.” John, is not new to finding ways to reduce waste. His previous company, Print Audit greatly reduced ink and paper waste, saving forests of trees. Now on to the next task of keeping single-use containers out of our landfills.

Meet Our Team

John MacInnes

A serial entrepreneur credited with creating multiple successful businesses in Calgary over the past 20 years. From printers to credit cards and now onto reusable takeout containers. He’s been known to do phone interviews not wearing pants…for some reason.


James Hills

A sales professional with over 30 years experience, 18 of which working with John on his last 3 companies, Print Audit, Payroll Rewards, and now Earthware. In a recent interview, he was quoted as saying “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

VP of Sales

Charlotte Marshall

14 years into an adventure-filled career (including eight years in the French Mediterranean), Charlotte welcomes the fun challenges of running the day-to-day requirements of a busy office. You’re guaranteed to get a laugh out of her, even from John’s puns.


Andrew Quesnel

A passionate software developer with interests in both software and hardware. From building circuits to building apps he finds everything computer related fascinating. Andrew decided to learn to program after seing the 1995 movie Hackers. He quickly found out it’s nothing like the movie depicted.

Technical Lead

Petrina Driscoll

Pumped to apply her knowledge of marketing/comms tricks she’s learned over the last 25 years. Petrina loves to travel the world sampling different cultures and cuisines. She has a passion for working on B2People campaigns and at one point, managed Ronald McDonald. She suspects it will be similar to working with John and the team.

Marketing Director

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About Us