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Takeout is great except for all those single-use containers that end up in our landfills. Join us today to start using our return-for-reuse, zero waste takeout containers.

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Our restaurant partners have put us right on their menus and their delivery apps. Simply choose the Earthware option and they will pack your meal in our zero waste, environmentally friendly containers.

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Once you’ve enjoyed your takeout, Earthware can be returned to one of our convenient drop-off locations or we can pick them up. Check out our Membership Options or FAQ to learn more.

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Just because it says compostable doesn’t mean it is!

Municipal composting (green cart) programs are becoming more widely available across Canada. Most larger cities either have a program in place already, such as Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver, or pilot programs as is the case with Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal and Quebec. These programs are crucial in impacting both the amount of waste going into

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5 Reasons why SUC’s (Single Use Containers) Suck!

Takeout Single Use Containers (SUC’s) are ubiquitous and cheap but are incredibly hard on the environment. So much so that the Canadian government has announced a partial ban on them which comes into effect at the end of 2021 and a full ban on all single use plastics by 2030. The partial ban is pretty

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