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Connect with an Earthware restaurant relationship manager to learn more about our zero waste takeout initiative.

We Respect Your Time

Your busy restaurant doesn't tolerate distractions. Our partners tell us that Earthware is easy to implement and adds zero time to their processes.

We Deliver New Customers

Earthware is a member driven program made up of people who want reusable packaging from restaurants. We drive a loyal and often new customer base to our partners.

We Do The Dishes

And we do the pick up from customers. Then we deliver washed and sanitised Earthware containers right to your restaurant.

Already a partner and looking for ways to tell your customer you are offering a zero waste option for their takeout containers?

Our Happy Partners Say

Benefits of Becoming a Partner Restaurant

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They aren’t compostable in the way you hope. Technically they will break down in highly specialized composting systems but unfortunately no municipality in North America has those systems. Quite simply it’s a green washing scam and 100% of your expensive compostable packaging ends up in landfills.  

Recyclable items aren’t that much better. Very little of what goes into the blue bin actually gets recycled. Your single use takeout containers likely don’t.

It’s easy! 

  1. Choose from 7 Earthware containers types that present your food the best. We will drop off samples anytime.
  2. Add Earthware to your various digital and physical takeout menus. We can do this for you.
  3. Pack Earthware orders in the most fantastic takeout containers your customers have ever seen.
  4. We will tell the world together that you have added sustainability to your menu!
  1. For digital orders like Skip, Doordash, etc. the order will contain an Earthware item. Customers write their membership code in the additional information field.  We have an integration that will automatically grab their membership number and send it to us.
  2. For direct takeout and doggie bag orders, please ask for a membership number and report it back to us. We will show you how.

The cost is comparable to a mid-range single-use container but of a quality at least twice as good as the single-use containers on the market.  

We will soon have an online ordering system. In the mean time, we will keep pretty close tabs on your inventory but you can also contact us and we will bring you containers.

Nope. To start, only a small portion of your orders will come from Earthware members. As we grow we will be sending you more and more orders.

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