Use Your Business
to Inspire

Makes cents for your business.

Makes sense for the planet.

Drive profits with purpose.

Showcase your food in higher quality containers.

Multiple sizes/shapes available.

Competitive pricing to single-use containers. 

No change to your process.

Stand out from the competition and bring in new customers.

Compliant with government packaging bans.

We promote your business to a quickly growing demographic. 

Use your business to inspire,
switch to Earthware as your takeout container supplier.

How We Promote Your Business

When was the last time your container supplier helped promote YOUR business. We promote you to a fast-growing customer base on all our social channels, SMS and emails to our huge database.

We Make Sure Your Containers Are Clean

We are held to the highest standards of Health and Safety and we are so sure the containers are sanitized beyond those standards, we will GUARANTEE CLEANLINESS. Find out more!

Our Products

Environmentalists, food and safety agencies and restaurants want a container that can be sanitized to the highest standards, leak-proof and can be used as much as possible without reacting to heat and not breaking when stacked or dropped. Earthware return-for-reuse containers, made of #5 Polypropylene, are considered the safest choice of all plastics according to the FDA is easiest to recycle.

15 oz. | lsjflasdjf


They aren’t compostable in the way you hope.  Most of the expensive compostable packaging ends up in landfills.  

Recyclable items aren’t that much better. Very little of what goes into the blue bin actually gets recycled. Your single use takeout containers likely don’t.

It’s easy! 

  1. Choose from 6 Earthware containers types that present your food the best. (We will drop off samples anytime.)
  2. Use simple online ordering system and receive delivery within a week (or sooner if you need them)
  3. Pack your takeout orders in the most fantastic containers your customers have ever seen.
  4. We will tell the world together that you have added sustainability to your menu!
  1. Take photos of your food in the containers. 
  2. We will provide promotional materials to share with your customers. We can customize your artwork. 
  3. Share the good news on all social channels. Go to earthware.me/gallery to use easy templates.
  4. Share your photos with Earthware so they can do the same!

The cost is comparable to a mid-range single-use container but of a quality at least twice as good.  

Go to our online ordering page.

Let us know what containers types you require and we’ll do our best to provide the ideal packaging for our reuse program and your business.

Disolvable Stickers

Brand your takeout containers with disolvable stickers. Or use them to identify the contents. Different sizes included and made of potato starch so they melt right off and allow our containers to serve yummy food another day!

Wear Your Earthware Earthwear Proudly

T-Shirts and more. You can also support an organization near and dear to our hearts who sell amazing jewelry to raise funds to help them remove plastics from the oceans.

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