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Why Earthware

We love food.

We love convenience.

We love where we live.

Find a way to love takeout without regret by using a return-for-reuse container program instead of harmful single-use containers filling our landfills.

So go on, share the love!

Join the Movement

Become a member and start using unlimited Earthware containers today for FREE! You can also support the movement by taking advantage of our Dine-in Coupon Club or Adopt a Container so we can save more single-use containers from the landfill!

Here’s How It Works!

Zero Waste Hero

  • Lifetime membership
  • Unlimited borrowing of containers with membership code
  • Free use of convenient drop-off locations
  • Unlimited anywhere next-day pick ups

Dine-in Coupon Club

  • All the benefits of membership
  • Discount coupons from Earthware Partner Restaurants
  • For dine-in & takeout pick up
  • QR code each month to use at 3 restaurants of your choice per month

Adopt a Container

  • When you sponsor a container you can keep over 1000 single-use containers from the landfill
  • Your name will be written on the container
  • Calgary streets will be cleaner
  • Affect change now!

Customers Love Earthware

The Media and the Public are Taking Notice

Global News

Founder John MacInnes is an eco-minded entrepreneur who started a reusable takeout container service called Earthware in Nov. 2021. 

Green Calgary Helps with Awareness

Earthware is looking for businesses and associations to create awareness of this program and find convenient drop-off locations.

National Attention on the Single-Use Crisis

Starting at 5:40 – Calgary restaurant GM from PhoHouz, Catherine Logullo addresses changing focus towards takeout and the impact on the environment. Earthware becomes a positive alternative.

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