Take a waste-free break on us!

Take a moment to savour a treat and

don’t waste a bite…or your takeout container.

We invite you to enjoy a tasty treat on us, Thursday, February 10th, delivered to you in our return-for-reuse takeout containers and learn a little bit more about Earthware, a zero waste takeout container program that just launched in Calgary. 


Our mission is to significantly reduce the 68 million takeout containers added to Calgary’s landfills each year.  This reduction will result in cost savings for the city, reduction in harmful greenhouse gasses and less garbage on our streets.

Please take a break and complete this form before February 8th and Thursday morning we will deliver a yummy treat to set you up nicely for the afternoon Zoom Media Lounge, hosted by our founder, John MacInnes and others.  We’ll share more information on the 10th and on the Media Lounge call, you ask any questions and find out more about this zero waste takeout movement sweeping the city. 

Register below. 

*Treats created and provided by Devour Catering, a business offering their Earthware customers a zero waste option.

No content on this form will be accessed again and only used for food delivery requirements.  

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Waste Free Break