Case Study

Has saved potentially 12,360 single-use containers from the landfill!




Bubblemania started using Earthware reusable bowls for their soups because it was cheaper than any other single-use containers on the market.


They’ve now moved to using Earthware for all their takeout which accounts for 1/3 of their business. 


The bottle depots in the area are getting a great return rate which means Bubblemania customers are using the return system to get their deposit back and those containers are staying out of the landfill.


They also love the look of their food in a high-quality container.  They wanted a container that was leek proof and use the vented containers so there is a nice seal on the edges with hot liquid in the container.





Garbage Trucks Full

69,216 MJ
Energy Saved

Same as driving
2251 km

1,359 Sq M
Landfill Space

18,663 L
Water Conserved

10,234 KG
CO2 Spared

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Case Study Bubblemania