Stickers can be a problem

When you recycle anything with a label stuck to it, it contaminates the item and it goes right into the landfill.

When we receive our Earthware containers with a label stuck to it, it cannot go back into circulation if we can’t get it off. 

We have a solution for you with dissolvables!

Our containers can be labelled with dissolvable stickers for any purpose:


BRANDING – Now you can finally add your branding to your takeout containers.


FOOD IDENTIFICATION – Tell your customers which order is which with your branded labels.


NUTRITION DESCRIPTIONS – There are long labels that can wrap around your containers to include all the critical information you require. They can fit into your existing printing systems.

Any of these label makers can help you. You can order custom labels or labels to fit into your own printers.  Or ask your current supplier for a dissolvable option.

Here are a Few Ideas

1 inch Rounds

You can brand your containers AND leave space for writing what food is in the container.

2″ x 1″ Rectangles

Leave space for writing or fill the entire space with branding

3″ x 7″ + Tape

Custom order any size or length to fit into your existing printers or order your own thermal printer

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