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In one year 450 million single-use takeout containers, plastic and compostable, go into Alberta's landfill.  That's over 23,275 garbage bags and 209 tons of CO² a day.

By switching to reusable products, you affect change along the entire chain of material sourcing, production, shipping and disposal or repurposing of resources.

That's what you can do! Let's educate and inspire change!  

We Certainly Were Inspired

The Right Balance

We endeavour to battle single-use…anything. And is seems we are not alone. An Ipsos survey including 28 countries found three in four people agree with the ban on single-use plastics.

When selecting our return-for-reuse container, safety for handling and the environment were top considerations. We chose Polypropylene (PP) which is considered the safest choice of plastics. When our reusable containers have done their job, they get retired and recycled with an independent contractor to ensure every last one is recycled or repurposed.

But the best part is that we’ve now found the ideal container collector system by partnering with the Alberta Bottle Depot Association.

Currently 84% of Albertan return their bottles, cans and other beverage containers for a refund, they can now do the same with Earthware’s return-for-reuse takeout containers.

The Material Truth on Single-Use

We continue to search for the truth about how different container types affect the environment. All of the information we cite is confirmed by the surrounding municipalities, as we work together to reduce waste and educate. All aspects were considered when we chose our plastic containers. 

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What Goes Where

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Why Reuse