Why Reuse

What Can I Do?

In one year 68 million single-use takeout containers, plastic and compostable, go into the city's landfill.  That's over 3000 garbage bags and 27 tons of CO² a day.

By using reusable products, you affect change all along the process of resource sourcing, production, shipping and disposal.

That's what you can do! Let's educate and inspire change!  

The Right Balance

Earthware return-for-reuse containers are made of Polypropylene (PP) and is considered the safest choice of all plastics according to the FDA.  

Environmentalists, food and safety agencies and restaurants agree, they want a container that can be sanitized to the highest standards, leak-proof and can be used as much as possible without reacting to heat, breaking when stacked or dropped. We’ve found that perfect container.

When our containers have saved over 1000 single-use containers from being thrown into the landfill, they get retired and repurposed into brooms!

The Material Truth

We continue to search for the truth about how different container types affect the environment. All our information is confirmed by our municipalities as we work together to reduce waste and educate. All was considered when we chose our containers!


First we are back to single-use production. And more importantly they are NOT ACTUALLY COMPOSTABLE. There is NO product on the market that breaks down in the required timeframe in any Canadian city's waste facility so they end up in the landfill. Now studies are showing you shouldn't even put them in your own compost because of the materials used to keep the container together.


The dirty truth about plastics is, only 9% of plastics in Canada actually gets recycled. We call this "Wish-cycling". We use single-use items and hope it goes to a better place. Even bioplastics, made from renewable resources like palm leaves or bamboo include additives so are no healthier nor compostable which destroys collection. They are more of a problem than a solution. Our plastic will be repurposed with a private company.


We are back to the single-use production challenges if you choose to recycle, but if not completely cleaned, it goes into the garbage or can affect recycling facilities ability to sort effectively. For safety reasons they have to be double-walled which makes them cost prohibitive. Multi-use applications are difficult to seal and clips or silicone edges hide bacteria.


This is a non-starter. In 2022 the Canadian government is banning Styrofoam along with other single use plastics because of the harmful affects to the environment and to our health.  The chemical styrene in Styrofoam is linked to cancer, vision and hearing loss, impaired memory and more and it can leach into our food especially when heated up by food. Some municipalities have already implemented a ban i.e. Vancouver and Calgary is not far behind.

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