Case Study

Has saved potentially 12,360 single-use containers from the landfill!

Wonton King has two locations in Calgary.  They make millions of wontons every year. 



They chose Earthware because they wanted a container that would keep their soup hot and not leak into the bag. They use two different sizes and they use the vented lids so steam can escape and keep a tight seal. 


Wonton King serves all their soups in Earthware including dine-in. They collect the containers and their staff bring them into the bottle depot for the refund. It’s a win for the restaurant, a win for the staff and a win for the environment.

Garbage Trucks Full

180,756 MJ
Energy Saved

Same as driving
2900 km

3550 Sq M
Landfill Space

48,740 L
Water Conserved

26,73 KG
CO2 Spared

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Case Study Wonton King