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T-Shirts and more. Order any size through our partner Rocket. All materials are made of at least 50% recycled materials. When you purchase a t-shirt you are helping us spread the word about our return-for-refund takeout container program and reducing waste in your own backyard.

Thalassains is cleaning up the beaches

Earthware is trying to prevent single-use items from ending up in the ocean. Thalassains is removing the items that are already there. That’s why this was a perfect match for us. They have removed 3300 kg of garbage from the Red Sea.


Educate. Advocate. Innovate. And Recover. These are the pillars of the organization. And they talk the talk and walk the walk. Raising funds for awareness and coordinating endless hours of volunteers to save the sea.


You can purchase their merch. to help them keep doing what they do.

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