The Right Balance

Material – Earthware reusable containers are made of reusable and recyclable #5 polypropylene. They are 100% BPA (bisphenol) free and are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified, which means the containers are manufactured using only FDA approved raw materials.



Testing – Based on SGS testing conducted Dec. 22, 2022 our containers did not contain any amount of short or long chain PFA’s including PFOA’s and PFOS’s.



Durable – Food and safety agencies, environmentalists and food service businesses want a container that can be sanitized to the highest standards and used as many times as possible. They want it leak proof and to ensure it does not react to heat or break when stacked or dropped. We’ve found that perfect container.



Safe Disposal – When our containers have saved dozens of single-use containers from being thrown into the landfill. We guarantee that they are 100% recycled by our contracted recycling partner. .

Earthware Reusable Takeout Containers

Working Together to Create a Better Solution

Development of Durable and UV Resistant Hemp Reinforced Polypropylene Composite for Vacuum Forming of Reusable Food Containers

“Earthware has partnered with Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to design, develop and implement a durable and UV resistant food takeout container that can be used as part of Earthware’s return-for-reuse takeout container program, which reduces single-use containers (SUCs) in the local food industry.


This first-of-its-kind program in Alberta facilitates the collection of the SUCs after the food has been packaged and consumed. Implementing circular systems like this is vital in tackling the national waste and pollution crisis Canada is facing. Positive impacts of this project will not only influence Canada’s food sector, but will also aid in Canada’s transition to net-zero by 2050.” – CFIN Media Release 2023

The Material Truth

“Even bioplastics, made from renewable resources like palm leaves or bamboo, include additives and are no healthier nor compostable which destroys collection. They are more of a problem than a solution.”  – Upstream

Getting into the Right Fight

Replacing conventional single-use packaging with compostable single-use packaging does not reduce litter, overhead costs for restaurants, or hauling costs for Calgary. Replacing one type of single-use material for another does not help Calgary, or the global community, to mitigate climate change.


It’s a meaty document but you can read the Government of Canada’s Single-Use Plastics Prohibition Regulations to see where our country is headed. We are encouraged that Earthware is in the right place at the right time to propose a quick win and sustainable solution.

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