EW-33-R-W – 150 Boxes & Lids/Case

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1000 ml | 33 oz | 150/case
$0.24 + $0.30 deposit/cont.
  • Deposit cost is passed on to the customer.
  • Customers can recover that deposit cost at the bottle depot.
Not recommended for hot saucy items*. Includes white boxes with clear lids. Made of #5 Polypropylene, the safest plastic according to FDA and compliant with recent food container restrictions.


Food and safety agencies and food service providers love this container as it can be sanitized to the highest standards.
Earthware return-for-reuse containers are the easiest container type to recycle upon reaching its life-cycle.


* The stackable containers are great for cold items or non-saucy hot items. With this container only, we don’t recommend you put hot saucy dishes in this container as it can leak when stacked under other containers.
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      EW-33-R-W – 150 Boxes & Lids/Case

      1000 ml | 33 oz
      $0.24 + $0.30 deposit/cont.