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We have made it simple. EVERY CONTAINER is 10¢ per container regardless of size.  That is better pricing than a single-use container, but of much better quality and better for the environment.  The 70¢ deposit per container is recovered from your customer. In turn, customers return the container for a refund. See our pricing

Your food looks terrible in those brown containers and consumers hate them as much as paper straws.  Plus, most compostable containers end up in the landfill anyway because they don’t break down quickly enough in municipal facilities. Many leave behind toxic chemicals. And with all other single-use items, they require additional material sourcing and resources for disposal.

Yes! You can brand your takeout with dissolvable stickers.  We can help you source stickers or check out these preferred label suppliers.

It’s easy! 

  1. Choose from one of many Earthware container options that present your food the best. Ask us about samples.
  2. Use our simple online ordering system and receive delivery within 48 hrs (or sooner if you need them).
  3. A 70¢ deposit is added to the price of each container which you collect from your customers.
  4. Pack your takeout orders in zero waste return-for-reuse containers.
  5. Your customers will get a 50¢ refund on their containers when they bring them into the bottle depot.
  6. We will tell the world together that you have added sustainability to your menu!

You have access to a gallery to choose artwork from or you can do the following:

  1. Take photos of your food in the containers. 
  2. We will provide promotional materials to share with your customers. We can customize your artwork. 
  3. Share the good news on all social channels. Go to our gallery to use easy templates.
  4. Share your photos with Earthware so they can do the same!

Go to our products page.  We have several bowls and boxes to choose from.

We are continually adding more container options to respond to our customers’ needs.

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